Twiddle Muffs

for Alzheimer's and dementia

'Twiddle Muffs' are sensory hand muffs that originated in Britain, where they have been shown to reduce anxiety in people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Caregivers noted a reduction in anxiety levels, and also noticed a decrease in the need for medication as well as an increase in a sense of comfort and calm.(1) The concept of the "Twiddle Muff" has spread in several countries, such as Australia, the United States, as well as some provinces of Canada, and more recently in France, but is still little known in Quebec.

The concept is simple. These muffs are knitted or crocheted with yarns of different colors and textures, and different fidget items are attached (outside and / or inside) to provide a variety of sensory stimulation. They allow people with Alzheimer's or dementia to calm their agitated and busy hands, while keeping them warm if necessary.

Mère et Fille have fun creating varied and unique models. You will not find two identical Twiddle Muffs. To see our selection, visit our Etsy shop here. And visit often, since this product is our biggest seller, we are constantly adding new muffs.

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